An equally important counterpart to ocean research is ocean education and what better way to learn about ocean research than to bring the leading ocean exploration ship – the E/V Nautilus – right into the hands of the public? Enter Nautilus AR.

Nautilus AR provides an immersive augmented-reality learning experience for teachers, students, museum-goers, and anyone who seeks to explore the ocean without actually being hundreds of miles offshore. Presented as an app, Nautilus AR allows its users to explore the robots, biological wet labs, and scientific instruments used aboard the ship as if these tools were actually right in front them.

To create the 3D models of the objects aboard the Nautilus, we use a technique called photogrammetry, a process in which we take high resolution photos of a given object from all angles and, using feature detection, we are able to reconstruct a detailed 3D model from a series of 2D images.

Team: Evan Denmark (lead), Lauren Futami


  • January 2019 - Start app development
  • April 2019 - Board EV/Nautilus to shoot photogrammetry